Mississippi Teacher Corps

The University of Mississippi

Program Overview

Modeled after the Peace Corps, the Mississippi Teacher Corps (MTC) is a two-year program that trains non-education majors to teach in high-poverty public schools in Mississippi. In addition to teacher job placement, participants earn a Master of Arts Degree in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of Mississippi.

Each year, we accept between 25-35 candidates.  Due to the small size of the program, all participants move as a cohort through each stage of the training and coursework.  During the school year, all MTC participants teach in critical-needs school districts in Mississippi and attend graduate classes at the University of Mississippi.

Teaching is a difficult job, and we recommend that potential applicants consider the experiences of previous MTC participants. In addition to the information found in this section, we recommend talking to current participants, current teachers you may know, and reaching out to MTC with any questions you may have.

Benefits and Requirements:
There are several great benefits to being a part of MTC, and this section will also help you see if you qualify for application.

The MTC Portfolio is a final project that participants complete at the end of the two year commitment. The purpose is to show how participants grow as teachers and as people over the two year experience.

MTC participants use blogs to periodically reflect on their two year experience in MTC. The blogs often reflect an honest appraisal of their struggles and successes. While there are many common themes in the posts, everyone’s experience in the program is unique.

Several videos, like the one below, provide insight into the program and the training methods we use.

Our FAQs section has answers to common questions we hear from potential applicants.

Learning more:
If you are interested in learning more about the experience, please call (662)915-5224, or email mtc@olemiss.edu.