Mississippi Teacher Corps

The University of Mississippi



Dr. Andrew Mullins and Ms. Amy Gutman established the Mississippi Teacher Corps in 1989. At the time, Dr. Mullins worked for the State Department of Education and Ms. Gutman was studying journalism at Harvard University.

In brainstorming ideas of how to fill the impending teacher shortage in the Mississippi Delta Ms. Gutman and Dr. Mullins came up with the Mississippi Teacher Corps, a program founded on the ideals of the Peace Corps, in which recent college graduates from all over the United States would come and teach in Mississippi.

Initially, the Mississippi Teacher Corps was a one-year program funded by several foundations.  The structure of MTC was altered substantially in 1993. The program required a two-year commitment and relocated to the University of Mississippi.  Additionally, a Master of Arts Degree in Curriculum & Instruction was added to the program’s requirements.  In 1994, the program became fully funded by the Mississippi Legislature.

Since the program’s inception, more than 460 graduates have taught in critical-needs school districts as part of the Mississippi Teacher Corps.