Blog: Typical Questions

Blog post from one of our first-year teachers.

Can I go to the bathroom?
Can I call my momma and tell her that Ms. Connely is going to call her telling her some lies?
Can I go talk to Ms. Mason?
Can I go to the gym? I left my gym shorts there.
Can we eat outside today?
Can we talk to our neighbor?
Can I turn in my writing assignment tomorrow? I forgot! Please don’t give me detention.
Can I go talk to the counselor? Some girl is talking some mess about me makin me mad.
Can I go to Ms. Connely’s room? She told me I had to help her move desks.
Can I draw this instead of writing about it?
Can I sit next to her?
Can you write me a pass for being late?
Can I sit in your classroom?
Can you take this grade off? I failed?
Can I chew gum?
Can I borrow a pencil from you?
Can we watch a video today?
Can we play trashketball today?
Can we have the treasure bin today?
Can today be a free day?