Mississippi Teacher Corps

The University of Mississippi

Praxis Information

The Praxis is a set of standardized tests required by most U.S. states, including Mississippi, for teacher certification.  MTC participants must take and pass both the Praxis Core and Praxis II tests before the start of summer training.  Although the MTC application does not require Praxis test scores, completing and passing the test before submitting your application will increase your changes of acceptance into MTC.

The institutional code for the University of Mississippi 1840.  Use this code to send your Praxis Core and II test scores to the Mississippi Teacher Corps.  If you test outside of Mississippi, select the Mississippi Department of Education (state code 7599) as a score recipient when you register for the Praxis.

Visit the ETS website to register for the exam and to find information on testing dates and locations.

Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core) Test:

The Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core) Test is a set of three general knowledge exams administered by Educational Testing Services (ETS).  The test is comprised of three sections: Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. MTC participants must pass all three sections.  After candidates are accepted into MTC, they must register for all three areas of the test using the CDT test codes listed below:

Section CDT Code Qualifying Score
Core Academic Skills for Combined Test: Reading 5712 156
Core Academic Skills for Combined Test: Writing 5722 162
Core Academic Skills for Combined Test: Mathematics 5732 150

Registration Options and Fees:

Option 1: To register for and take each exam section separately the test fee is $255 and each exam section is one hour long.

Option 2: To register for two sections together and the third section separately the test fee is $125 plus $85 for the third section.  The first two sections of the test last two hours and the third section lasts one hour.

Option 3: To register for all three computer-delivered sections at the same time, select Core Academic Skills for Educators Combined Test  (CDT Code: 5751).  The test fee is $135 and the exam lasts four and a half hours.

Praxis II Test:

The Praxis II is a content-area exam and you should sign-up for the content-area you are most interested in teaching.  MTC accepts Praxis II exams for the following specialty areas: Biology, English, Mathematics and Social Studies.  After you decide if you want to take a computer-delivered test (CDT Code) or a paper-delievered exam (PDT Code), register for one Praxis II exam using either the CDT or the PDT codes listed below:

Section CDT Code PDT Code Qualifying Score
Biology: Content Knowledge 5235 0235 150
English Language Arts: Content Knowledge 5038 N/A 167
Mathematics: Content Knowledge 5161 N/A 160
Social Studies: Content Knowledge 5081 0081 150

Test Fees:

All of the Praxis II exams cost $115 and the test lasts for two hours.