Mississippi Teacher Corps

The University of Mississippi

Summer Internship

The Mississippi Teacher Corps (MTC) 2014 Summer Internship runs from May 29th to July 18th.  Applicants will be notified no later than Friday, March 7, 2014.

The internship is unfunded.  Housing on-campus costs $450 for the summer.  Some meals are provided during the internship.  We estimate that an intern needs about $1,000 for the summer.  This covers housing and food expenses over the nine weeks.

The MTC Summer Internship has several components:

  • Updating the MTC Oral History Project (started by 2010 Summer Interns Betsy Critchfield and Larissa Davis).  This involves interviewing past MTC participants and staff members and adding to the oral history database.
  • Assisting with the running of the MTC Summer School in Holly Springs. This involves: working with the summer school principal; interacting with parents and staff; observing classes; and helping to run after-school activities.
  • Working at the main MTC office. This includes: interviewing principals and superintendents about the performance on the MTC teachers; taking photos for the MTC website; and helping to set the fall recruiting agenda.

You can see photos hereherehere and here and videos from past internships hereherehere and here.

2014 Summer Interns:

Hays Berry

Brandon Collins

Sylvia Stewart

Dakota Bass

2013 Summer Interns:

Devin Hughes
University of Mississippi ’14

Tiffany Pharr
University of Mississippi ’14

Becky Pocase
University of Mississippi ’13

2012 Summer Interns:

Christian Aviles
Amherst College ’14

Aubrey Jones
Amherst College ’13

Dylan Vasey
Amherst College ’14

2011 Summer Interns:

Kalina Deng
Wellesey College ’14

Briana Hanny
Amherst College ’13

Matthew Rawson
Amherst College ’12

Malik Sanders
Hampton University ’12

2010 Summer Interns:

Betsy Critchfield
Amherst College ’11

Larissa Davis
Amherst College ’13

Hallie Paul
University of Alabama ’12

2009 Summer Interns:

Shanika Audige
Amherst College ’12

Asia-Sierra Millette
Amherst College ’11

Kelly Tellis-Warren
Amherst College ’10
Mississippi Teacher Corps Class of 2010 

Tahina VatelAmherst College ’12

2008 Summer Interns:

Matt Hopper
University of Mississippi (Honors College) ’09

Christine Lyons
Amherst College ’11

Amanda McGinn
Amherst College ’10

Philip Mohr
St. Johns College ’10
Mississippi Teacher Corps Class of 2010

Ashton Seip
University of Mississippi (Honor’s College) ’09
Mississippi Teacher Corps Class of 2009

Catherine Servati
University of Mississippi (Honor’s College) ’09

Elise Tropiano
Amherst College ’09

LaTisha Wilson
Amherst College ’09

2007 Summer Intern:

Lauryn Smith
Vanderbilt University ’09

2006 Summer Intern:

Molly Goldwasser
Duke University ’07
Mississippi Teacher Corps Class of 2007

2005 Summer Intern:

Virginia Best
University of North Carolina ’06

2004 Summer Intern:

Kamiah Turner
Rhodes College ’05