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    What is the Mississippi Teacher Corps?

    Modeled after the Peace Corps, the Mississippi Teacher Corps (MTC) is a two-year program that trains non-education majors to teach in high-poverty public schools in Mississippi.

    For two years participants live and teach in rural and urban Mississippi communities. While teaching each participant earns a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Mississippi and receives training and support from MTC.

    By percent of applicants accepted MTC is the most competitive teaching program in the country. Because the program is so small, MTC can offer individualized support, and all participants move as a cohort group through each stage of the training and coursework.

    MTC is a state-funded program and our teachers do not displace any regularly employed teacher. MTC only places teachers in high-poverty public schools.

    The program offers a host of benefits, including:

    You can read answers to Frequently Asked Questions here.


    The Mississippi Teacher Corps was created in 1989 by Andy Mullins and Amy Gutman. At the time Dr. Mullins worked at the State Department of Education. Ms. Gutman was a journalism student at Harvard University interning at the Greenwood Commonwealth.

    In brainstorming ideas of how to fill the impending teacher shortage in the Mississippi Delta Ms. Gutman and Dr. Mullins came up with the Mississippi Teacher Corps, a program founded on the ideals of the Peace Corps, in which recent college graduates from all over the United States would come and teach in Mississippi.

    Initially the Mississippi Teacher Corps was a one-year program funded by several foundations. In 1993, the structure of MTC was altered substantially.  MTC became a two-year program based at the University of Mississippi.  Participants would complete a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction while in the program. In 1994, the program became fully funded by the Mississippi Legislature.

    Since 1989 more than 450 graduates, reaching an estimated 100,000 students, have taught in critical-needs school districts as part of the Mississippi Teacher Corps.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Mississippi Teacher Corps is to end educational inequity in Mississippi.


    The Mississippi Teacher Corps has three objectives:

    1. To provide dedicated, talented teachers for critical-needs school districts in Mississippi.
    2. To provide entry into the teaching profession for outstanding college graduates.
    3. To identify and nurture educational leaders.


    Full Scholarship for a master’s in education from the University of Mississippi

    As part of the Mississippi Teacher Corps participants receive a full scholarship to the University of Mississippi for a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the School of Education. The School of Education is an NCATE accredited institution. Participants complete the Master’s coursework and earn their degree during the two years of the program.  Participants take classes during the summer and on selected weekends during the school year.  Upon completion of the degree all participants receive an increase in pay.

    Teacher Certification

    After the initial summer training each participant is a certified teacher with Class A licensure. After completing two years in the program, and earning a Master’s Degree, each participant is eligible for a Class AA license.

    Free textbooks, course fees, etc.

    In addition to the full scholarship, the Mississippi Teacher Corps also pays for all textbooks, course and lab fees, graduation fees, and other costs associated with the Master’s Degree.

    Summer stipend

    During the initial summer training all participants receive a $1,000 stipend.


    During the initial summer training all participants are provided free housing on-campus. Married couples living off-campus are reimbursed for the cost of on-campus housing.

    During Saturday classes in the fall and spring all participants are provided a hotel room in Oxford.

    Job placement

    Participants are placed in critical-needs school districts by the Mississippi Teacher Corps.

    Full pay and benefits from your school district

    As a certified teacher each participant receives full pay and benefits from the indiviual school district where he or she is employed. Benefits include health insurance.


    The Mississippi Teacher Corps offers a variety of social activities including basketball, volleyball, and Ultimate Frisbee challenges between the first and second years; lunch and dinner socials; a holiday social; an end-of-the-summer social; and an end-of-the-program social.


    As a participant in the program you participants meet other highly-motivated, high-achieving people from all over the country.

    Life-changing experience

    The most important benefit of the Mississippi Teacher Corps is working with, and touching the lives of, young people of Mississippi who have been all but forgotten about by the rest of the country.  It is a life-changing experience.

    Summer Training

    The initial summer training for the Mississippi Teacher Corps (MTC) starts in June of each year.

    During the summer all MTC participants receive:

    • Full scholarship for a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction
    • On-Campus housing or reimbursement (about $700) for off-campus housing
    • A $1,000 stipend
    • Teacher Certification
    • Breakfast and lunch during the summer school teaching
    • Several meals, socials, BBQ’s, and weekly frisbee and basketball games

    School Year

    During the school year all Mississippi Teacher Corps (MTC) participants teach in a critical-needs school district in Mississippi. Participants are placed in the Mississippi Delta, north Mississippi or Jackson.

    During the school-year all participants receive:

    • Full pay (starting salary is $32,000 a year) and benefits, including health insurance
    • Full scholarship for a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, including all textbooks and lab fees
    • Saturday classes seven times a semester at the University of Mississippi, including mentoring groups with selected second-year and veteran MTC teachers
    • Hotel room for Friday and Saturday evenings in Oxford
    • Constant support from your MTC mentor

    At the end of the second year participants will have earned a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Mississippi. Participants will also have:

    • Teacher certification
    • Two years of experience
    • Two years of full pay and benefits
    • Two years of making a difference in the lives of kids in one of the poorest areas in the country

    During the two years of the program all Mississippi Teacher Corps (MTC) participants complete a Master of Arts (MA) Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Mississippi (UM).  UM is an NCATE accredited program.  This degree program is closed to the general public.  Classes are offered only for MTC participants.


    Summer, First Year (9 hours):

    • EDCI 610: Assessing Student Learning
    • EDCI 611: Effective Teaching and Classroom Learning
    • EDCI 615: Classroom Facilitation and Management
    • Summer Internship (MTC Summer School)

    Fall, First Year (6 hours):

    • EDCI 600: Advanced Methods
    • EDCI 612: Diversity of the Adolescent Learner

    Spring, First Year (6 hours):

    • EDSE 610: National and State Issues in Education
    • EDCI 602: Curriculum Construction        

    Summer, Second Year (3 hours):

    • EDLT 605: Content Area Literacy
    • Summer Internship (MTC Summer School)

    Fall, Second Year (6 hours):

    • EDCI 614: Teachers as Leaders
    • EDRS 605: Educational Research I

    Spring, Second Year (6 hours):

    • EDLD 641: Law and Ethics of Education
    • EDSE 651: Advanced Individual Study       

    Total Program Hours: 36 hours

    Please note that coursework can and will change as MTC responds to participant feedback and makes improvements to the program.